The Gourmet Kitchen Advantage

Our handcrafted hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, and specialty desserts are served at the most elite private clubs, hotels, and banquet venues in the nation.

30 years of experience working closely with our partners at some of the most exclusive and upscale destinations in the world has given our culinary team the expertise and capability to produce customized items that even the most discerning chef will be proud to say came through their kitchen.

We’ve built our reputation by offering unsurpassed service to our clients; we demonstrate this commitment to 100% customer satisfaction each and every day by ensuring that we fulfill every customer’s order, no exceptions.

Our culinary team and corporate chefs are constantly striving to maintain our position as the nations premier provider of artisan hors d’oeuvres and appetizers, so our customers can depend on us to consistently develop new, unique, and creative selections for a wide array of different venues and events. Our competition is often left just trying to keep up.

In the modern world of food allergies and food borne illnesses we recognize food safety is a primary concern for everyone. Our quality assurance team employs the latest technologies and techniques to ensure the integrity and safety of all of our products. In addition to operating under a comprehensive HACCP plan and receiving inspections by the FDA, our state of the art facility is staffed with a full time USDA inspector, and consistently receives exceedingly high scores on our NSF 3rd Party Food Safety Audits, which are available for review by any of our customers. We also encourage personal tours so you can see for yourself how immaculate we maintain our facility.

Ingredient sourcing has become an important part of our philosophy. We’ve developed a comprehensive network of reputable suppliers with impeccable commitments to quality and food safety and strive to source sustainable, locally available ingredients whenever possible, with full traceability of every ingredient we use.

  • “ No big deal at all …. You guys are ALL awesome and working with you for the last 9 years has been a blast! ”

    Adam W. – Marriott International
  • “ That is all good news! I look forward to hearing from you soon and it is a pleasure doing business through YOU to your company. Have a great day and I will talk to you soon! ”

    Michael K. – Sheraton
  • “ Once again, your outstanding ability to always accept any challenge that we throw your way is outstanding. Ray/Ryan, I was in need of puff pastry dough for 1150 people. I reached out to a number of my suppliers but was out of luck... I was so delighted when Patti called me and told me that you would be able to help us out and send us some, all the way from New Jersey. Your entire team always has a “can do” attitude and always sets the bar exceptionally high to deliver a quality experience to your customers. This enables us to deliver flawless service to our clients. Once again, thank you for all that you do for us. ”

    Angelyn B. – Renaissance
  • “ I wanted to thank you for making this transition from Progressive Gourmet as smooth and great as it has been. We had a number of vendor switches at the same time, and you were far and away the best at taking our account to a new level. ”

    Matthew M. – Westin
  • “ Thanks for your help with everything for this weekend! Everything looks great!!! ”

    Lindsey V. – Marriott Marquis
  • “ I really appreciate the partnership you guys have shown us over the years. You have always gone above and beyond for us, and have definitely made me brand loyal to Gourmet Kitchen Inc. ”

    Brendon C. – JW Marriott
  • “ Thanks for a great partnership and friendship! ”

    Guy R. Marriott International
  • “ You have great products to offer with a great client-vendor relationship. I’m sure we will be getting bigger in 2015. ”

    John H – Marriott International
  • “ We truly appreciate the support of Gourmet Kitchen. A great partnership has been formed as GK has performed extremely well even under the most difficult of situations. ”

    James S. – Marriott Marquis