Why It’s Important to Have A Seasonal Menu

September 18, 2018 | Philip Nestler

Although a signature dish or two on your menu is always a good thing, it is also important to keep in mind that your food options should be updated periodically to keep things fresh. Seasonal menus are a great way to add a few new choices for your guests while taking advantage of the bountiful fruits and vegetables that grow throughout the year. In addition to staying on top of food trends, using a seasonal menu adds these benefits that help grow your business.

Enhance Marketing Campaigns

The food service industry is highly competitive, and seasonal menus give your business a chance to stand out from the competition. Consider rolling out an online marketing campaign using social media posts that highlight your latest menu offerings, or offer your guests the chance to get a sneak peek at the upcoming season’s menu by hosting a party where they can sample new flavors. With something new on your menu, you always have an exciting way to connect with your customers.

Promote Enthusiasm Among Your Staff

The cooks and servers at your establishment love making sure that every guest leaves satisfied. However, boredom is a common problem among food preparation crews that is easily solved by adding new items to the menu. While you may not need to change every item on the menu, adding a few seasonal favorites gets your food service team excited about bringing out the new dishes.

Generate a Sense of Urgency

Menu options that are only available for a limited time encourage your customers to flock to your establishment. Choose a few seasonal options that you can bring back every year to create urgency for your guests. For instance, you could bring out our Southwestern shrimp taco bowls just for those summer celebrations or serve beef empanadas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. When your guests know that they may only have a few chances to get a bite of seasonal items, they will be eager to take advantage of the latest menu.

Enjoy Greater Flavor

Seasonal foods are fresher, which translates to better taste that your guests will notice. Be sure that your menu reflects the current growing season so that each dish is packed full of color and flavors that make every recipe shine. Utilizing the current seasonal harvest also makes it easy to combine the right types of ingredients to keep with the current food trends.

Optimize Your Food Budget

Keeping the costs of food down is an essential part of menu planning. Use the changing of the seasons as an opportunity to try out new options without having to commit to using them for long-term. If the guests love it, you can bring the item back or leave it as a limited time option that has them looking forward to next year.

Celebrate Holidays and Special Occasions

While your current menu may include a variety of options, you should always add new things that give your guests a chance to savor the flavors of the season. Keep holiday dishes in mind as you plan your menu so that your guests can savor a delicious cranberry pancake in the winter and kebabs during the summer festivities.

Naturally, seasonal menus take more work and planning. However, the extra effort is worth it when you watch your servers bring out each dish with enthusiasm. This season, check out our latest offerings to jumpstart your creativity for developing a menu that uses the best that each season brings to the table.