4 of Our Favorite Celebrity Chefs

January 24, 2019 | Philip Nestler

Watching a professional chef in action is like seeing magic happen right before your very eyes. While we know that cooking involves science and chemistry, there is also just something amazing about how certain chefs have an innate ability to create impressive recipes and presentations. These are four of our favorite chefs who always seem to deliver high-quality food that stands out from the competition, and our world class culinary staff loves to use them as inspiration!

Loving Ludo Lefebvre

With 12 years of training with master French chefs before coming to America, it’s easy to see how Ludo Lefebvre came to be a celebrity chef who is world-renowned for carving out his own path. Since arriving in L.A., he has made numerous television appearances, opened several restaurants and even hosted his own multi-city pop up dining experience tour. Lefebvre pours himself into every recipe that he creates, and he doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality. In fact, he loves showing people how fresh ingredients transform even basic dishes such as omelettes and crepes into elevated works of food art.

Learning From Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain brought international cuisine straight into our living rooms. Many of our favorite hors d’oeuvres and entrees reflect what we learned from watching Bourdain share his traveling culinary adventures. From vegetable tikis to Spanish polpo, we can thank his books and television appearances for introducing us to new takes on exotic dishes. During his time as a chef, Bourdain also made it his mission to be a food influencer that helped to launch other chefs into their careers.

Mixing It Up With Marcus Samuelson

Samuelson has made numerous media appearances, including sharing some of his history on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. Like his colleague, Geoffrey Zakarian, he’s also competed against some of the world’s best chefs on shows such as Iron Chef and Top Chef Masters. While his celebrity appearances have all led to his fame, we cannot help but be most impressed by his opportunity to serve as a guest chef at Barack Obama’s first state dinner of his presidency.

Cooking With Giada De Laurentiis

With an Italian background and training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, it’s easy to see where Giada De Laurentiis gets her culinary skills. While her initial goal was to be a pastry chef, she found a niche in America at restaurants such as Wolfgang Puck’s Sago location. After gaining recognition as a food stylist, she was invited to host her Food Network program despite her reluctance to follow her family’s footsteps into show business. Now, she’s a natural on camera with a list of credits that includes being inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame.

Celebrity chefs have contributed to a greater demand for high quality food at every event. Whether you are in charge of planning a corporate luncheon or need an array of elegant hors d’oeuvres to serve at your country club, take a cue from our favorite chefs and choose innovative foods that tantalize the eyes as well as your guests taste buds.