3 Mouthwatering Vegan Dishes for the Typical Meat Lover

October 31, 2018 | Philip Nestler

A well-balanced menu should include options that fit everyone from vegans to traditional meat lovers. While many aspects of a vegan diet appeal to a wide range of people, others are more wary. It does take some creativity to put together a selection of mouthwatering dishes that focus solely on using natural ingredients to pack in the flavor. After all, you want your dishes to be flavorful enough to keep your guests satisfied, even without any meat. Fortunately, your menu planning just got simpler, as you can serve these three vegan dishes and we can guarantee even meat lovers will be asking for seconds.

Edamame Dumplings

With a delicious combination of beans and veggies, our edamame dumplings take vegetable dumplings to a higher level. These traditional Asian potstickers are perfectly sauteed, incredibly tasty and always a hit. Filled with a mixture of soybeans, cabbage, sweet corn and shiitake mushrooms, they are the perfect option to satisfy vegan and meat-loving guests. Try serving the edamame dumplings on their own, or put them next to dipping sauces for your guests to try.

Indian Samosa

This traditional Indian dish is packed with a blend of seasoned corn kernels, ground cashews, mild green chilies, and a savory blend of eastern spices. This perfect blend brings out one of the finest Indian flavors your guests have ever experienced. With all of the ingredients packed into the finger-food friendly bites, these dumplings are easy to serve and eat. The spicy accents and flavorful filling ensure that Indian samosas are a hit with vegans and meat lovers alike.

Vegetable Pakora

For a special burst of flavor, our vegetable pakora is a great dish that all of your guests will love. These traditional Indian fritters will bring unique and exciting flavors to dinner plates. Every guest will love the way that the fresh vegetables mix within the hand-dipped, seasoned gram flour batter. Serve this dish any time that you need a classic menu item that appeals to everyone.

Dishes like these are wonderful ways to satisfy everyone, from your vegan friends to your meat-loving relatives. The dishes on this list help you go above and beyond to bring global flavors to the guests at your event without going overboard with sauces and artificial flavors. With these three dishes on your menu, you can look forward to only hearing satisfying requests for seconds or thirds when you serve them to a meat-loving crowd.