How to Incorporate Healthy Food Into Your Menu

October 23, 2018 | Philip Nestler

Today’s event attendees are more aware of the importance of eating healthy than they have been in the past. Adding options such as fresh produce and lean meats is important; however, you may be concerned about sacrificing flavor. As you prepare a menu for an upcoming event, use these tips to incorporate healthy food choices that will have everyone excited to take a bite.

Keep It Simple

Some of the healthiest foods are the simplest to prepare. Kabob and skewer hors-d’oeuvres are always a hit at events, and you can choose from a variety of different types of food to make them more interesting. For instance, chicken skewers layered with meat, peppers, and pineapples are simple to create, and the flavors complement each other perfectly. Easy menu options are also ideal for guests who may prefer to mingle as they eat.

Explore Frozen Options

Including fresh produce in your menu is a great way to increase the health factor. However, your event may lack the time or kitchen staff to allow for someone to spend hours chopping fruits and vegetables. Cut the prep time in half by choosing frozen appetizers that require minimal effort. For example, you can add frozen quiches to your menu that have vegetables such as mushrooms, asparagus, and roasted peppers that will make it seem as though your chef spent hours preparing the food. Since frozen vegetables tend to retain more nutrients, this is an effective way to pack more nutrition into every dish on the menu.

Experiment With New Flavors

When people peruse the food at your event, you want to give them something they usually wouldn’t get at home. Skip the typical salad and provide your guests with a few unexpected options that help them discover how delicious a healthy meal can be when new flavors are introduced. For instance, Caponata is a traditional Sicilian dish that involves placing eggplant and other ingredients into a phyllo star. Giving your guests a chance to try out new foods leaves them impressed and intrigued to see what may be offered at your next event.

Appeal to Diverse Tastes

As you put the menu together, keep in mind that everyone has different ideas regarding what makes a healthy meal. For instance, you may have attendees that require gluten-free or vegetarian options. Alternatively, you may have guests that follow diets that emphasize protein from meat sources. Make sure to include at least one menu option that can fit into each of these categories so that no attendee is left hungry.

Every event menu should include healthy options that allow people to make the best choices to fit their dietary needs and support better overall health. Yet, healthy does not have to mean boring or time-consuming. For your next event, explore our frozen options that allow you to select from a diverse range of foods that increase the nutritional value of each dish that you serve.