10 Simple Themes to Implement Into Your Event

August 6, 2018 | Philip Nestler

Themes help pull events together by giving you a central point from which you begin to plan the decorations and menu. However, coming up with new themes gets challenging, and it’s best to keep things simple. That’s why we have put together this list of 10 crowd-pleasing themes that are easy to work into your event.

Step Back Into a Different Era

The ‘50s are always a popular option for event themes, but you can bring back a sense of nostalgia for younger crowds by planning your event around an ‘80s or ‘90s theme as well. Choose bright, neon decorations, and create a playlist that reflects the upbeat tunes of the time.

Experiment With Global Cuisine

Take your guests on a trip around the world that begins by tantalizing their taste buds. Whether you choose to focus on one type of food, such as Asian appetizers, or give a sampling of options from different regions of the world, your guests will love discovering new types of food to eat.

Celebrate a Merger With a Wedding

Corporate event themes should always reflect the purpose, and a wedding theme is perfect for celebrating a company merger. Go all out by decorating just like you would for a wedding, and serve your guests individual cakes for dessert.

Intrigue Your Guests With a Masquerade

Masquerade balls are perfect for any occasion, and your guests will love dressing up with their favorite masks to disguise their identity. Keep in mind that masquerades call for lots of dancing, so keep the menu simple with small appetizers that your guests can carry.

Flip the Seasons

Who says you can’t have a barbecue in the winter? Try setting up an indoor venue to look like an outdoor country setting with checkered tablecloths and picnic tables. Then, have your food service team prepare kebabs and other outdoor fares so that your guests can enjoy an outdoor bash even when the temperatures are freezing.

Recreate a Childhood Memory

For casual events, you can give your guests a chance to go back in time to relive a favorite childhood memory. Second proms, homecomings, and sock hops are always a fun way to encourage guests to mingle and dance at your event.

Indulge In a Chocolate Fantasy Dream

Special occasions are accented by this theme that keeps the focus on sweet sentiments by surrounding your guests with their favorite candy. Set up chocolate fondue stations throughout the venue, and make sure to serve an assortment of chocolate desserts. From chocolate covered caramels to delectable mousse cups, the crowd will love making their wildest dessert fantasies come true.

Throw a Glow Party

For casual events, glow parties provide a festive atmosphere that is perfect for late nights. Choose a venue that allows you to keep the lights low so that your glowing decorations stand out. Then, line your serving tables with neon tube lights, and add some extra flair with LED lighted drinkware.

Glam It Up With a Glitter Bash

A little glitter goes a long way toward adding a fancy touch to your party, and this is one theme that requires very little effort to pull off. Just choose decorations, invitations, and other party accessories that all sparkle with glitter and confetti.

Celebrate Spring With a Garden Party

The bounty of spring is highlighted with this theme that allows you to fill your guests’ plates with delicious vegetable-based entrees and appetizers. Add bouquets of fresh flowers to each table, and you’re set for a special event.

Now that these themes have you inspired, get ready to plan an event that everyone will remember. Keep in mind that your menu and décor should all work together to accent the theme, and we have a variety of food options that fit into any event plan.