6 Cinco de Mayo Favorites for Your Next Fiesta

May 2, 2018 | Philip Nestler

Cinco de Mayo festivities are always full of fun, and this is the perfect occasion to experiment with spicier flavors. While you know that everyone else will be serving the same typical Latin foods, you may want to do something different so your party stands out. Try these Cinco de Mayo favorites at your next party, and we bet that you’ll quickly discover a few new options to keep on your menu.

Kick Off the Party With Green Chili Arepas

You can never go wrong with handmade corn arepas to give your guests something that is not normally on their usual menu. While the outside corn shell is flavorful on its own, we give ours a kick by stuffing them full of green chilies and cheese that are seasoned with cilantro. You’ll also find that these gluten-friendly delights fit well into a menu that requires planning for special diets. If you’d like to bring a new taste to your party, try our Green Chile Arepas.

Fire Up the Vegetarians With a Twist on Quesadillas

When it comes to fiesta fare, vegetarians are often stuck with boring cheese quesadillas. Show them that they can still have flavorful food by serving Corn and Edamame Quesadillas. By layering roasted red bell and poblano peppers into a mixture of corn, edamame, and cheese, everyone at your party will be raving about how they never knew vegetarian quesadillas could taste so good.

Wrap Up the Night With Taquitos

Taquitos are the perfect finger foods for a party where everyone is too busy dancing to sit down for long. Our Pork Carnita Taquitos come already prepared with shredded meat and onions wrapped in a seasoned tortilla. With fresh herbs like cilantro, you can ensure that your menu is full of authentic flavors that taste like they were made in an abuela’s kitchen.

Fill Them Up With Empanadas

Everyone loves empanadas, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing a filling. Our Chorizo Empanadas are ideal for giving meat lovers a classic taste of their favorite meat. As with any event, you should also include an option for the vegetarians that attend; and veggie empanadas are packed with fire-roasted tomatoes, jalapenos, and onions that give them a kick.

Give Them a Scoop of Fajitas

Fajitas are another must-have at any fiesta, and you can make serving this traditional dish easy with Skirt Steak Fajita Scoops. Each scoop contains grilled and shredded skirt steak along with roasted bell peppers and onions that are all piled on top of a baked soft tortilla. When serving these, keep in mind that their easy-to-eat presentation means that they go fast, so always put out more than you think you need before everyone arrives.

Keep It Together With Chicken Quesadilla Triangles

There is something amazing about gooey cheese paired with chicken and sandwiched between two layers of tortillas. However, your guests might not be keen on the mess that an open-faced quesadilla might make. For more formal events, chicken quesadilla triangles keep all of the filling inside so that each bite only leads to happy surprises.

Whether your Cinco de Mayo bash is rowdy or more subdued, you should always keep finger-friendly foods on the menu. With ingredients such as fresh cilantro and poblano peppers, even the smallest portions can be packed full of flavor!