Make Room for Leafy Greens: How to Keep The Menu Healthy

June 11, 2018 | Philip Nestler

Leafy greens and other vegetables add an element of freshness to the menu that makes every meal feel like an amazing experience. Yet, it can sometimes be hard to know how to work healthy foods into the menu especially when everyone is craving delicious finger foods that go beyond a typical salad. Use these tips to add more produce to your menu while still serving those favorite foods such as potstickers that everyone expects at an event.

Check Out the Food Trends

Your menu should always reflect the latest trends in healthy eating. Today, more people understand the importance of including a variety of fruits and vegetables in their meals, and a diverse range of options keeps people excited about finding out what your food service business includes on the menu next. Currently, superfoods such as broccoli, kale, and eggplant are trending, and your guests will be impressed when they see the season’s hottest foods on your menu.

Use Herbs for Added Flavor

When you want a healthy menu, you know that you can’t rely on too much fat or sugar to increase the flavor. We offer an array of hors-d’oeuvres that use ingredients such as fresh cilantro, coriander, and chili powder to bring out the natural flavors of each dish. Natural herbs and spices heighten the taste appeal of vegetable dishes without adding in unhealthy elements that could turn off a health-conscious diner. The creative use of these herbs also establishes your food service business as being on the cutting edge of healthy dining.

Choose Frozen Recipes

In the food industry, wasted produce is like watching money go down the drain. Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about wasted profits since frozen recipes allow you to still include nutritious food options without worrying about spoilage. Frozen produce also retains more of its color and nutrients, which helps you to maintain continuity in the dishes that you serve in every season.

Serve Fruit for Dessert

Too often, vegetables are the main focus of healthy diets, but fruits have a lot to offer by also bringing a few sweeter flavors into your food displays. Fruits such as apples and cranberries contain a large amount of nutrients, and they can be served for dessert on pancakes or in empanadas. Fruit tartlets are also a fun way to incorporate fresher flavors into the final course of your meals.

Load Up on Flavor

Healthy foods do not have to be boring, and you can make sure that every bite is packed with flavor by choosing recipes that include multiple types of vegetables. For example, our Kale and Veggie Dumplings are loaded up with tofu, corn, carrots, and edamame that all work together to create a flavorful medley that makes it easy for you to work veggies into a meal. Vegetable-heavy appetizers also make it easy to appeal to vegetarian diets, and using different types of produce is an easy way to incorporate color into the meals.


Making sure that more leafy greens and other healthy options are included in your menu is a wonderful way to highlight your food business as one that cares about every customer. This year, turn healthy eating into a fun lifestyle choice by introducing your customers to new, rich food choices that are on-trend and packed full of flavor.