5 Perfect Red, White, & Blue BBQ Desserts

June 29, 2018 | Philip Nestler

Patriotic holidays give you the chance to roll out the colors of red, white, and blue. Whether you are celebrating the Fourth of July or Presidents’ Day, adding a few colorful desserts is a great way to make a big impression during your seasonal events. The best part is that some of the sweetest desserts and fruits come in these patriotic hues, and many of our best treats are so pretty that they can also double as decorations. Check out these five perfect desserts that will add some extra flair to your holiday barbecue.

Bring Layers of Flavor With Red Berry Mascarpone Cake

Mascarpone mousse is delightful on its own, but your guests deserve the extra mile. Each Red Berry Mascarpone Cake starts with a vanilla cake base that is then layered with mascarpone and raspberry mousse. As with many of our desserts, you can serve this alongside fresh berries or add decorative accents to the top that fit your party theme. Either way, your guests will delight in the rich and airy mousse that begs to be savored.

Slice Up Strawberry Primavera

For summer barbecues, a chilled mousse cake is what your guests need to stay cool. Our primavera cake layers strawberry and pistachio mousse with vanilla sponge cake to create a scintillating dessert. You can serve this cake with strawberries on top, or try something different by adding blueberries to create the true red, white, and blue dessert.

Serve Silky Smooth Red Velvet Cake

The silky smooth texture of red velvet cake takes people back to when desserts were homemade. While you might not have the time to bake a cake from scratch, you can still roll out all of the same flavor with our layered red velvet cake. Each layer of red sponge cake is brushed with vanilla syrup to add an even deeper level of sweetness, and the white cream cheese frosting is so smooth that it serves as a lovely contrast to the texture of the cake. When you put this cake out for serving, add a few fresh raspberries on top to give it a bit of decorative flair.

Give Guests Options With Exotic Petit Fours

Petit fours take everything that is great about cake and puts it all into small bite-sized morsels. Assorted exotic petit fours come in an array of colors and flavors that give your guests the chance to choose their dessert. From Red Berry Opera to Mango and Passion Fruit, each flavor adds a decorative touch to your dessert plans that lets everyone have their pick for a delicious bite.

Send Out Dessert Cups

Clear dessert cups give guests a visual display of their favorite patriotic colors layers into a sweet treat. With our dessert cups, you have four flavorful options, but our favorite happens to be the raspberry sponge cake that is layered with vanilla ice cream and raspberry puree.

This year, make sure that you have the perfect red, white and blue desserts for every patriotic bash by exploring the wide array of options that we have available. Then, have fun dressing the desserts up with fresh fruits and decorative accents that show off your personal style!