3 Essential Entree Options to Diversify Your Menu

July 24, 2018 | Philip Nestler

Additionally, a well-designed menu should include options that fit every guest’s needs. Whether your crowd tends to lean toward healthy eating or they love sampling the latest trends, these three essential entrée options will diversify your menu while helping to ensure that everyone leaves your tables satisfied.

Honor Special Diets With a Roasted Vegetable and Hummus Tart

A diverse menu should always include an option that appeals to anyone on a special diet. Yet, it gets challenging trying to create entrées that fit a variety of needs, and you can expect that any crowd will have someone who requires vegan or allergy-friendly foods to eat. Our tart is piled high with roasted autumn vegetables such as zucchini and squash that are packed full of flavor. Hummus adds a level of protein that makes this perfect for you to serve as a center of the plate specialty. Your guests will also love that the vegetables are placed on top of a gluten-friendly shell that is made from cornmeal. While this dish is ideal for people on vegan or gluten-free diets, you’ll discover that it is always popular with anyone who has a taste for seasonal vegetables.

Give Guests a Familiar Taste With Chicken Kabobs

Kabob and skewer entrées never go out of style, and guests tend to get a kick out of the playful nature of eating food off of a stick. Chicken kabobs remind your guests of outdoor cookouts, yet these can also be served during indoor events. Our chicken kabobs are kept simple, with juicy marinated chicken being layered with red and green bell peppers along with red onions. Since the natural flavors blend so perfectly together, no further enhancements are needed. Consider serving kabobs with a side of rice and other fresh vegetables as a menu option that appeals to people on a heart-healthy diet.

Hop On the Breakfast for Dinner Trend With Quiche

Breakfast entrées add a fun twist to your menu, and you can simplify your food preparation procedures by offering quiche at any time of the day. With our Quiche Lorraine With Applewood Smoked Bacon, you can tantalize the taste buds of your foodie guests by giving them their favorite breakfast food for dinner. Swiss cheese and bacon are always hits with guests of any age, and everyone will love having a perfectly sized portion of savory quiche on the center of their plate.

Adding options to your menu that appeal to a wide range of tastes is a smart move.  You can make sure that everyone finds something they love by choosing unique meals for your vegetarian guests, or by serving eggs for dinner to those who’d rather eat breakfast.  These options all help you make sure that your menu stands out from the competition.