5 Hors D’oeuvres For Your Holiday Events

December 21, 2017 | Philip Nestler

The holiday season is full of events that give you a chance to show off your unique flair for picking the right food for any occasion. Yet, it gets challenging coming up with new ideas for hors d’oeuvres that fit everyone’s sense of taste while staying on trend. This season, make sure the appetizers you serve take center stage by adding one or all of these five delectable treats to the menu for your next seasonal event.

Chicken and Waffle Stacks

Surprise guests this year with a new take on a favorite dish. We have turned this classic sit-down meal into one that your guests can nibble on as they work the room. Each miniature buttermilk waffle is topped with a hand breaded fried chicken morsel that is accented with an exciting flavor of honey and chipotle sauce. Since this recipe is perfect for everything from brunch to evening soirees, you can serve it anytime that you want to give your guests a touch of something unexpected.

Flavorful Tartlets

Serving dessert has never been so easy when you have an array of tartlets on the menu. Miniature tarts are as good as pie without making guests have to sit down and cut up a slice. Consider serving an assortment of different flavors to create a colorful display of treats that appeals to any palette. This season, raspberry, lime, and salted caramel are a few of the hottest dessert flavors that everyone is craving.

Beef Tenderloin Kabobs

This season, beef up your usual party menu favorites by serving tenderloins layered with bell peppers and onions. This gluten-friendly option is one that fits easily into special diets, and the red and green slices of peppers add a lovely touch of seasonal colors to the serving tables. Your guests will also enjoy how the handy skewers and bite-sized pieces allow them to continue mingling while enjoying their favorite meat.

Stuffed Biscuits

Food for an early morning holiday party should be simple and easy to prepare. Stuffed biscuits take all of the primary ingredients of breakfast and pack them into one handheld treat. For example, you could serve a biscuit that contains sausage paired with cheddar cheese inside. Alternatively, you could go with a meatless option that is made by combining eggs and spring onions with a layer of cheddar cheese. If you decide to serve several different types, just make sure to add labels so that your guests know which to taste.

Pizza Flatbread

Every hors d’oeuvres menu should have a flatbread included, and you can upgrade your party’s pizza option with one that involves quality ingredients. Try pairing baby spinach with goat cheese in layers on miniature pieces of flatbread. Top it off with a dollop of pizza sauce, and each guest can savor the perfect blend of flavors. You will also find that this flatbread option fits perfectly into the seasonal theme with just the right pop of red mingling with the greens.

The season for showing off your culinary expertise has arrived. While you should always honor your guests’ desire for a few classics, it is also fun to add a few surprises to the menu. Whether you are hosting a brunch or cocktail hour, these five hors d’oeuvres are certain to have your guests lingering near the table!