The Ultimate Checklist For A Party Planner

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December 19, 2017 | Philip Nestler

The secret to hosting a successful event always comes down to staying organized as you plan out each and every detail. Not only do you want to make sure that the guests are comfortable and entertained, but you must also plan weeks in advance to make sure that reservations and orders are made in time. With such meticulous planning, it is easy to miss a critical detail that could create a great deal of last minute stress. Fortunately, we have created the ultimate checklist for a party planner that allows you to feel confident when the big day arrives.

Identify the Purpose of the Event

The first step toward planning any event is to identify the purpose along with potential goals. While some events, such as a wedding, are planned specifically to celebrate an occasion, others may require thinking about the objective. For example, a corporate party may be designed to increase motivation among the staff or it may be designed to improve brand recognition among the community. Either way, you will use the purpose of the event to guide the rest of your planning.

Create a Guest List

While you may not be able to identify everyone who will attend the event, you should have an estimate of the head count so that you can plan for the food and seating arrangements. As you prepare your guest list, try to identify if there will be any special needs as well. For instance, you may need to plan for additional accessible restrooms or special dietary needs as you put together the menu.

Choose the Venue

The venue you choose for the party should fit the purpose and provide enough space for everyone on the guest list. Whether you are hosting an informal outdoor event at a local park or a huge fundraising gala in a formal ballroom, you will likely need to reserve this space in advance. Plan now to tour the facility, and lock down the date of the event.

Prepare a Menu

Even a simple birthday celebration requires some type of refreshments to encourage guests to mingle and linger awhile. Use the theme of the event as your guide for planning the menu. For instance, you may serve breakfast burritos for a brunch. Alternatively, a table full of petit fours adds sweet flair to a formal dance. If you find it hard to come up with menu ideas, it is often helpful to peruse a seasonal menu to jumpstart your creativity.

Arrange for the Entertainment

Every party should have some type of entertainment to give the guests something to remember. Since many of the most popular DJs, bands, and guest speakers tend to have full schedules, you will want to book the entertainment early during the planning process. Just remember to pick entertainment that fits the overall tone of the party.

Once you’ve checked these items off of your list, you will be ready to start promoting your party by sending out invitations and social media updates. Then, make sure that everything is in place by confirming any reservations or orders as the big day nears. By sticking to the checklist, you can enjoy watching as every guest enjoys the careful attention to detail you put toward planning the ultimate event.